Emotional Ease

Very Caring! And Super Intelligent!

“I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome issues that cause Anxiety. I felt relief after my first visit. Dr. Otis gets to the root cause of the problem. He encouraged me to make some diet changes and informed me on which test to request from my primary doctor. My family loves him. He really helped improve the quality of my life!! It’s a journey, but he is keeping me on the right track. Highly recommended. He is the BEST.”

Janel McCoy, Oakland, CA

For the past 20 years, I have had reoccurring panic attacks.

“The attacks bring on an intense sense of anxiety, and I can feel my heart race, along with my mind. These panic attacks seemed to be linked with elevated blood pressure. The anxiety sometimes led to periods of sleep deprivation and a lack of overall energy.

My primary care physician over the years had prescribed both anti-anxiety and beta-blockers for my condition. My concern with exclusively following my primary care physician’s prescriptions was that it was solely based on medication solutions, and I was concerned that I was not getting to the root of my problems. Wanting to explore alternative and more systemic ways of improving my condition, I started to do acupuncture about 5 years ago as well. The acupuncture was a step in the right direction but was not the final step.

Dr. Otis’ treatment over the last 7 months for these conditions has me currently on no prescription medications, which was an important goal for me. My anxiety has been greatly reduced, as has my blood pressure. I seem to be able to deal with stressful situations in a way that I did not before. If something stresses me out, I seem more capable of dealing with it in a healthier manner. I have not had problems sleeping for 6 months!

I find Dr. Otis’ treatment unique, because he approaches the cause of the condition and does not just focus on the symptoms. In my particular case, he worked with me extensively with supplements and dietary suggestions. He was also very thorough with me in obtaining comprehensive blood and hormone samples to help me with my condition. He also did neurological body-work and explained along the way the whys and what he was doing. I felt that I had finally found someone who could provide thorough and systemic explanations as to how my anxiety was being triggered from a neurological point of view. From a physiological standpoint, he explained why he was giving me each supplement and dietary advice.

I think people with similar conditions should see Dr. Otis if they are interested in caring for themselves in a long-term holistic manner that focuses on the cause of the conditions and not just the symptoms. He offers an opportunity to think beyond just prescription drug therapy that may not even be dealing with the root of the condition.”

Chris Martin, Oakland, CA

I usually feel tension in my chest and shoulders.

“After just a couple of minutes it is completely relaxed and peaceful. It’s amazing – they should teach us this in high school.

I had been feeling agitated and scared for a month. I had pins and needles from my waist up. Dr. Otis did a treatment for 2 minutes, and the pins and needles disappeared. I feel calm. I smiled for the first time in a month. I thought I had lost my sense of humor.”

Claudia Tipler, Alameda, CA