Concussion and Other Brain Issues

The Wizard

““Dr. Otis is a wizard! He helped me to overcome the worst thing that ever happened in my life… a grade three concussion with severe migraines and back pain that were sustained from three consecutive car accidents. I was hit by a man that was texting and driving going 35mph while I was at a standstill. Everything was upside down as I could not spell or talk properly. A colleague of mine knew Dr. Otis and insisted I make an appointment ASAP. After my first visit I knew that this was the place that was going to help in my healing process. He fixed me so much that I recommend him to all of my skincare clients suffering from migraines or TBI’s. If you know someone that suffers from severe migraines, severe head trauma or chronic back pain, please schedule a visit with Dr. Otis. He will help! 🙂”

Susan Dressler, Alameda, CA

Dr. Otis is a WIZARD!

“To make a long story short… I sustained a severe concussion seven months ago on October 12th 2016 after being rear ended while stopped by someone going 35 mph texting and driving. I had a regular chiropractor but there was no way that in my extremely fragile state that I could get cracked using regular treatment. A colleague of mine knew Dr. Otis and insisted I make an appointment ASAP. I did, and immediately I knew he was the one that would help to heal my daily migraines that always rated around a 9/10. Barely able to function, I saw Dr. Otis three times a week at first and now still two times a week. My migraines are only a one these days…if even. We had a setback in January 2017 when I got rear ended AGAIN and was a hit and run. My neck and back…went to square one. The frustration on my part was severe as dealing with a traumatic brain injury and neck and back pain had already took everything out of me. When I walked into his office letting him know I was just in another accident after how amazingly far we had gotten. He would not let me fall…I would go in crying my eyes out from all of the trauma. He would do these neck manipulations on me that would not only make my migraines go away but change my mood. Dr. Otis has been healing folks for over three decades and you can see that he gives 110% still after all this time. For a solid month all I would do is come into his office and cry…probably rock bottom?! Well…he developed this amazing website with all of these brain sounds. You have to make sure the left ear plug and right earplug are in their proper ear. Five minutes later you feel like you can take on the world. Listening to this twice a day has saved me from the abyss. I will continue my subscription to because Dr. Otis is a Neuro Chiro and the brain is his specialty. After sitting in his waiting room for so many months I got to befriend some of his clientele. Lots and lots of stroke patients…clearly he has beaming reviews with this demographic as well, not just concussions. I feel like an angel dropped down when Dr. Otis came into my life. Thank you Dr. You truly are a WIZARD! 🙂

If you know someone that suffers from severe migraines or some type of severe head trauma, please schedule a visit with Dr. Otis. He will help! 🙂”

Susu Q., Oakland, CA


“Dr. Otis is amazing. He has helped me recover from multiple concussion symptoms, among other things, that I have been living with for over two years. I should have seen him much sooner! HIGHLY recommend!!”

Lisa Hagstrom, Berkeley, CA

Functional Neurology is Effective

“After 7 months of trying to understand and seek treatment for severe cognitive impairment symptoms (impaired memory, thinking, vision, balance, dizziness and fatigue), Jim has me on the road to restoring my cognitive functions. Neither my Neurologist nor a brain clinic could identify my condition. Jim was able to identify and treat the problem. My cognitive functions have significantly improved and continue to improve! I would recommend Jim for anyone experiencing cognitive decline issues.”

David Hankin, San Francisco, CA

I have a sense of normalcy for the first time since the accident!

“I was a passenger in a rollover auto accident in the outback in Australia. I suffered skull fractures, brain injuries, broke my arm in two places, had nerve damage and back and neck injuries. I was unconscious for five hours before help came, and then I was taken by helicopter to the hospital and spent several days in the ICU.

I returned to the United States, and in the coming months my brain injuries became very apparent. My vision was blurred, I had problems with memory and concentration, I was sensitive to lights (fluorescent, computer, and TV), my speech was slurred, and my balance and muscle tone was affected.

I worked hard for two years in physical, occupational and speech therapy. I took what seemed like endless amounts of prescription drugs for pain and had lots of side effects. After two years I was told that I would have balance and muscle tone problems for the rest of my life. These problems caused extreme pain in my back and neck and also headaches.

I began to look into alternative ways of healing. I tried everything from massage to herbal teas and acupuncture. They were only a temporary solutions, and I realized that I was dependent on drugs to deal with the pain.

A friend referred me to Dr. Otis, and now I’m free from pain and free from pharmaceutical drugs. My balance is better, my circulation is better, and I don’t get cold hands. I have a sense of normalcy for the first time since the accident. I’m very happy and grateful for the results!”

Suzanne P., Richmond, CA

“In October of 2015 I got a concussion. This is what I wrote about my symptoms 3 months following the accident. ‘After 3+ months, I still have major concussion symptoms and have to make some major changes! I have sensory overload (light, sound, movement). I’m teaching my kids to talk softer and move more outside. I’m dimming the lights and closing the curtains more!

My coordination is greatly affected and I have a hard time with my balance. I can’t focus on a finger in front of my nose without getting dizzy or move my head to the right or the left without getting dizzy… Healing is slow.’

I began seeing Dr. Otis to treat my concussion right around the time I recorded these symptoms. I did not want to be on medication as my treatment for my concussion. Thus, I began researching other alternatives. Dr Otis was able to treat my concussion without medication through brain exercises over the next 11 months. He was thorough in his exams and gave me just enough exercises to slowly repair what had been damaged with my concussion. I saw slow improvements through different brain exercises he gave me to treat the different symptoms I struggled with. Throughout his treatment, I began to withstand noises, regain my balance, and withstand light and movement again. I am now able to be present in life in ways I was not able to post-concussion.

I was looking for an alternative to taking drugs a neurologist wanted me to take. I did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life. I have since recovered from my concussion (without taking any medication) and am able to be present in life again. Thanks to the care and exercises from Dr. Otis. I highly recommend for any brain-related injury.”

Bonnie G., San Anselmo, CA

“My daughter suffered a very bad head injury in October during a soccer game, with resulting concussion-headaches, fatigue, blurred vision and other symptoms including inability to focus on learning or retaining information. It was a very scary experience for all of us, and we felt so powerless to help her. My daughter’s coach had been helped by Dr. Otis for a similar injury and so we took her recommendation and contacted him. We were wary at first because the modalities he uses were completely unknown to us, but as soon as he started to asses our daughter and proceeded to treat her, it became very apparent that he is extremely bright and knowledgeable, that he is doing cutting edge work, and that he could help our daughter recover. We saw improvement after a few visits and feel confident that he helped speed up her recovery dramatically. I have been amazed at how individualized and nuanced his approach is and how thoughtful he is when designing a treatment plan. I have been recommending him to everyone I come across who has an unusual health concern, especially ones that are brain-related, because Dr. Otis seems to have the tools and knowledge to help them out.”

Tamar C., Oakland, CA

“It’s an interesting concept that the brain pretty much holds all the cards. Dr. Otis is very, very knowledgeable and has helped both me and my 93 year old father tremendously.

Once you can wrap your mind around the concept of Braintime Training, you will see that his methodology is brilliant and, although unique, is very good. My concentration has improved, Dr. Otis helped me get through a concussion, eased lower back pain and helped my badly aching foot (chipped bone) improve tremendously. Explore his website. He may be able to help you in more ways than you think. Something else I like about him is that he does not lead you on. He told me I would need to see him 4 times, which was all I needed from him for that particular incident (concussion). He only needed to see my dad, who was in great pain from surgery after a hip replacement, once, in order to fix his problem.”

Jelly D., San Pablo, CA