Chronic Pain

Completely Amazing!

“I absolutely love Dr. Otis! I heard about him many years ago from someone who had finally been able to conceive a child after working with him and then his name came up again from someone he had helped with intractable back pain. I finally decided to try him, and I am so glad that I did. The way he works may seem odd and mysterious, but he can fix anything! Go with an open mind and plan to feel better!!”

Kimberly P., Oakland, CA


“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Otis for several years. I cannot speak highly enough of his skill, wisdom, and understanding. I likely will spend the rest of my life recovering from a very traumatic long-ago accident. Dr. Otis keeps me rolling, aligned, and pain-free!”

Jeannie Whalen, Berkeley, CA

“Thanks so much for making me feel better! A real different approach for fantastic results, all in a very natural way!”

Gregorio J., Berkeley, CA

“Wow! I came to Dr. Jim in despair. I am 70 and was having increasingly painful chronic back pain and headaches. I had been to many chiropractors and healers over the years, many who had helped

me get some short term relief. My last chiropractor was very experienced, but admitted he had hit a wall. Then, I found Jim Otis. He has worked miracles! He works completely differently. No traditional adjustments. It seems he works at a more fundamental systemic level, yet gently and non-invasive.

I came in with my worst pain flare in years and after 5 visits, I am pain and medication free. I went on vacation and forgot to take my pain meds with me; that’s how removed my pain is now from my everyday life. Plus, Jim is a warm, bright guy who seems completely present and truly interested. He would get 6 stars if there were such a category. Totally recommend him.”

Zev, Walnut Creek

“I was referred to Dr. Jim Otis by a very well known Chiropractor in San Francisco, because I wanted a Dr. in the East Bay where I live. In 2013, I was in a car accident that affected my neck and back negatively. I was in desperate need of someone to help get me back in action as I am a mother of twin toddlers.

Immediately upon meeting Dr. Otis, I found him very pleasant and his office was bright and calming. As I told him of my condition, he listened very carefully and was very sympathetic. I began seeing him several times a week. His approach is very thorough as he uses a holistic approach, including customized exercises to do at home. Within weeks, I was feeling pain free and stronger. I still continue to do the exercises and follow his recommendations for daily back care.

I highly recommend Dr. Otis as a fantastic chiropractor.”

Maya M., Oakland, CA

“I am constantly amazed by the skill, expertise and talent exhibited by Dr. Jim Otis. I initially went to see him about a troubling problem in my neck and shoulder that I had been dealing with for over 10 years. After a series of visits he managed to cure the problem, something that countless body workers, healers, chiropractors, and osteopaths had not been able to do. I now go to see him whenever I have any pain in any part of my body and he works his miracles. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment!”

Dorrit G., Berkeley, CA