Chronic Illness

“Dr. Otis has treated me for over 25 years for numerous issues related to Fabry, a rare genetic disease. My issues range from digestive, muscular and joint, cardiac, and neurological, to name a few. There was no help from conventional medicine for my issues, but when he started working with me, I improved a lot. Dr. Otis’s proficiency in kinesiology, neurology and a little different chiropractic approach has made me able to function normally for all the years he has treated me. I have also recommended him to friends who received relief when they consulted him and followed his advice.”

Marsha H., San Francisco, CA

“Dr. Otis is a Chiropractic Neurologist and does not practice chiropractic in a way I was familiar with. Instead he uses resistance testing to determine how different stimuli affect your body (I call him my quack doctor because of this). I can’t tell you why what he does works, only that it has helped me tremendously. I was recommended to him by a friend who was happy with the results she saw and recommended him to a friend who is happy with the results she saw. If you have a chronic condition that western medicine can’t seem to get under control you may want to give him a call to see if he can help you.”

Amy W., San Francisco, CA