What a Find!!!

“Jim helped me immensely starting with my very first session. I had vertigo-like symptoms (unsteadiness / imbalances while walking; fatigue; sometimes nausea and vomiting), and my daily lifestyle was put on hold for more than six months on and off until I came to see Jim. My Acupuncturist, Masseuse, Physical Therapist, and Neurologist M.D. tried their best but could not solve my problem. Jim did!!! I highly recommend Dr. Otis to anyone with a nervous system issue. Jim is a MIRACLE WORKER!”

Mike Penzer, Piedmont, CA

“My balance is better since I began treatment with Dr. Otis six weeks ago. I do little things each day to check my balance. I put my socks on standing on one foot, and it is easier now. I am steadier, and I can hold my yoga balance poses longer. I am more solid, and if I wake up early in the morning, I don’t wobble the way I used to.”

Ann Pomper, Santa Cruz, CA

“I have noticed for years that I have difficulty balancing on my right leg in yoga poses. After my first visit with Dr. Otis, my balance is equal!”

Chris Martin, Oakland, CA

“I’ve had motion sickness for my entire life. It had been getting worse in recent years. I could not drive in cars without feeling nauseated, and I could not watch big screen movies with lots of motion. Now things are better. I can drive my car, and I went on two cruises. I could not have done that in the past.”

Ree Morrison, Age 83, Walnut Creek, CA

“I worked with Dr. Otis for about 5 months to find relief from migraine-associated Vertigo. His knowledge of the brain and how so many things impact it, including food and sleep, was quite helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Otis for anyone who is frustrated with migraines and dizziness.”

Patti C., Oakland, CA