What is Chiropractic Neurology?


Chiropractic neurology harnesses the power of your brain to help you feel better fast. It offers effective, drug-free solutions for many difficult-to-treat conditions, including:

• ADHD and learning disabilities
• Brain injuries and strokes
• Problems with memory and balance
• Headaches and long-term pain

Chiropractic neurology is a subset of functional neurology with a special emphasis on the interaction of the brain and the body.

Your brain and your body are talking with each other right now, at every moment in time. Chiropractic neurology can improve the nerve messages from your body to your brain, and from your brain to your body, with a positive effect on your health.

Your body is constantly talking to your brain. Thousands of nerves in your muscles, skin, and joints send messages to your brain, and your brain uses those messages to know where your body is and what it is doing.

If the messages from your body are stressful or confusing, your brain doesn’t work as well as it would otherwise. If, for example, the muscles, tendons and bones in your shoulder can’t slide past each other easily, they send conflicting messages to your brain. Nerves from one group of muscles might send the message that your shoulder is up, while nerves from other muscles send the message that it is down. Imagine the confusion in your brain. When your brain gets mixed messages from the muscles, tendons and bones in your body, then it doesn’t work as well. This can have a negative impact on all kinds of things like your digestion, circulation, hormones and muscle tone, or on your emotions and ability to think clearly.

On the other hand, clear signals from your body stimulate and nurture your brain, and help it work better. Your brain needs the signals from your body to stay healthy.

The brain does a lot of its work quietly, out of your conscious awareness. The base of your brain, an area called the brainstem, controls your breathing, heartbeat, and digestion, as well as your level of wakefulness and much about your emotional tone. Because your brain has a direct and powerful impact on all of the functions in your body, when you improve the function of your brain, you feel better and you are healthier.

Chiropractic neurologists have thousands of hours of postgraduate training and are the most qualified profession in the world to understand the effect of physical manipulation and bodywork on your brain. Each step of a chiropractic neurology treatment is taken with awareness of its short-term and long-term impact on how your brain is working. This facilitates good results with many otherwise difficult-to-treat conditions, including ADHD and learning disabilities, migraines and chronic pain, and memory and balance problems. It can also speed recovery from a brain injury or stroke.

The nerve signals from your body have a powerful effect on your brain, and your brain in turn has a profound effect on every aspect of your health – physical, emotional, and mental. Chiropractic neurology offers effective, drug-free solutions for many otherwise difficult-to-treat conditions, because chiropractic neurologists are so well trained to understand the effect of physical manipulation and bodywork on your brain, and how to use this knowledge to help you feel better fast.

It is important to find someone who is certified as a chiropractic neurologist. (There are only about 400 certified chiropractic neurologists in the world, and some practitioners claim to do chiropractic neurology without certification and with little training.) You can find a certified chiropractic neurologist at www.acnb.org.

You can learn more about functional neurology and drug-free solutions for a variety of different conditions in the other articles and videos on this website.