Oakland, California


Brain Injury and Chronic Pain

I have a sense of normality for the first time since the accident!

“I was a passenger in a rollover auto accident in the outback in Australia. I suffered skull fractures, brain injuries, broke my arm in two places, had nerve damage and back and neck injuries. I was unconscious for five hours before help came, and then I was taken by helicopter to the hospital and spent several days in the ICU.

I returned to the United States, and in the coming months my brain injuries became very apparent. My vision was blurred, I had problems with memory and concentration, I was sensitive to lights (fluorescent, computer, and TV), my speech was slurred, and my balance and muscle tone was affected.

I worked hard for two years in physical, occupational and speech therapy. I took what seemed like endless amounts of prescription drugs for pain and had lots of side effects. After two years I was told that I would have balance and muscle tone problems for the rest of my life. These problems caused extreme pain in my back and neck, and also headaches.

I began to look into alternative ways of healing. I tried everything, from massage to herbal teas, and acupuncture. They were only a temporary solution and I realized that I was dependent on drugs to deal with the pain.

A friend referred me to Dr. Otis and now I’m free from pain and free from pharmaceutical drugs. My balance is better, my circulation is better, and I don’t get cold hands. I have a sense of normality for the first time since the accident. I’m very happy and grateful for the results!”

Suzanne P., Richmond, CA

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