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By Harold Payson

Simply equipped boats for amateurs. comprises 3 stitch-and-glue designs-a approach that enables the plywood seams to be "taped" including fiberglass and resin rather than steel fastenings-and 3 traditional designs outfitted with out a jig.

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Number 9 is going in. While the stem is tacked to the number 3 frame mold, its forward end is supported on a block. Forward ends of the sides will be tacked to the stem next. 2 X 4s, making shelves for the tops of the frames to rest on. Plywood bracing added to the bottoms of these legs will keep the assembly from wobbling. Quarter-inch end-grain plywood isn't much to aim for when you're nailing the side panels to the frame molds, so tack temporary cleats to their sides to provide a larger area for the number 18-wire nails to find.

You want to keep the ends of the butt straps 1~ inches clear of the seams, which will be taped. The , -- -c. J grain of the butt straps runs fore and aft (across the jointl on the side and bilge panels and athwartships (parallel to the jointl on the bottom panel. Glue tbe butt straps, and fasten them with I-inch smooth-wire copper nails. Slip sticks under the sheets and saw the parts out with a Skilsaw set- square edged (no bevel needed I. Note: Allow the glue to set thoroughly before moving the assembly.

Bend the forward ends of the side panels in and around, and tack them temporarily to their respective stem faces with one nail each. A Spanish windlass, which is simply a rope around the two pieces that can be twisted to take a strain, will help hold the sides to frame mold number 3 and snug against the stem if necessary. Before you tack the bottOm panel down, tack cleats to the bottoms of the frame molds just as you did to their sides, to make sure the nails you drive will hit something. Smear glue on the bottom edge of the transom fram- 44 TACK AND TAPE Starting at the transom, match centerlines as described in the text and tack down the bottom panel.

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