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By Zhenji Zhang

The Hwa Yen institution of Mahayana Buddhism bloomed in China within the seventh and eighth centuries A.D. this present day many students regard its doctrines of vacancy, Totality, and Mind-Only because the crown of Buddhist notion and as an invaluable and specific philosophical procedure and rationalization of guy, global, and existence as intuitively skilled in Zen perform. For the 1st time in any Western language Garma Chang explains and exemplifies those doctrines with references to either oriental masters and Western philosophers. The Buddha's mystical adventure of infinity and totality presents the framework for this aim revelation of the 3 pervasive and interlocking thoughts upon which any research of Mahayana philosophy needs to rely. Following an introductory part describing the fundamental alterations among Judeo-Christian and Buddhist philosophy, Professor Chang presents an intensive, expertly constructed part at the philosophical foundations of Hwa Yen Buddhism facing the middle inspiration of real Voidness, the philosophy of Totality, and the doctrine of Mind-Only. A concluding part comprises choices of Hwa Yen readings and biographies of the patriarchs, in addition to a word list and record of chinese language phrases.

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With these great vows, a Bodhisattva is able to] enter the Wisdom-Realm of all Buddhas. . What then is the Bodhisattva's Wisdom-Realm and its stages? , There are, all together, ten successive Stages preached by the Enlightened Ones in the past, present, and future: 1. The Stage of Great Joy 2. The Stage of Spotless Purity 3. The Stage of Illumination 4. The Stage of Intense Wisdom 5. The Stage of Invincible Strength 6. The Stage of Direct Presence 7. The Stage of Far-reaching 8. The Stage of Immovable Steadfastness 9.

Buddha, what is this supreme Samadhi that· a Bodhisattva possesses? the ten non-attachments . . the non-attachment to all lands, directions, aeons, groups, dharmas, vows, Samadhis, Buddhas, and stages. . "Sons of Buddha, how does a Bodhisattva enter this Samadhi, and emerge from it? A Bodhisattva enters Samadhi in his inner body, and emerges from it in his outer body ... he enters Samadhi in a human body and emerges from it in a dragon body . . enters Samadhi in a deva's body, and emerges from it in a Brahma's body .

5. I will behold and enter all the universes, the large, small, flat, round, square, upright, and upside down ones; realm embracing realm, all appear in the ten ·directions like Indra's net. The Realm of Totality 33 . . I will see and know them all vast as the universe, ultimate as the Void, everlasting as the endless future . . 6.

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