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By David Michie

What does it take to feel free? we now have all requested ourselves this question at some point soon, yet few people have discovered the trail to lasting achievement. David Michie notion he had completed his life's goals--the high-level activity, the pricy urban house, the posh vehicle, the nice vacations--but a small voice was once telling him he wasn't relatively chuffed. an opportunity comment from a naturopath despatched him to his neighborhood Buddhist heart. There he all started the most vital trip of his lifestyles. during this basic yet fantastically written ebook, David Michie opens the door to the center teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. With wry, self-deprecating humor, he exhibits us now he started to include Buddhist practices into his way of life. He explains how he got here to appreciate the variation among the transitority pleasures of standard lifestyles and the profound experience of healthiness and heartfelt serenity that comes from connecting with our internal nature. each every now and then you return throughout a rare publication with the facility to alter your lifestyles. Buddhism for Busy humans is one such ebook.

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Getting up, we remember an obligatory lunchtime engagement we could really do without. That puts us on a downer. Then the phone rings—it’s a colleague. There’s been a flood in the office admin department and they need help from anyone who can get in. Usually such a call would be a cause of grave displeasure. But today we realise we have the perfect excuse to avoid that unwanted lunch. And so the story continues. Up. Down. Happy. Disgruntled. Like the shiny metal ball-bearings in a pin-ball machine, it’s as though we’re constantly being flicked off in one direction or another by Happiness and Unhappiness switches, and we’re helpless to do anything except react.

Very quickly you’ll find all manner of thoughts arriving, uninvited, in your mind. There’s every chance you’ll be so distracted by them you can’t even count to 36 Buddhism BusyPeople Text 1/5/07 8:20 AM Page 37 How to meditate ten! This is called gross agitation and it happens to us all. When it does, once you realise you’ve lost the object of meditation, simply refocus on the breath and start back at one again. Don’t beat yourself up about your lapse of attention. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re a special case that isn’t going to respond to this weirdo meditation business so you might as well give up right now.

You don’t have to be a Buddhist to recognise that watches, however fancy, are not a source of enduring happiness. If it was that easy, most of us would already be living in bliss. What seemed so wonderful about our new watch, just as what now seems so ordinary about it, has only ever existed in our minds. Similarly, you don’t have to be a great sage to see that the real cause of anger also exists in the mind. Most of us have encountered people who fly off the handle at the least provocation, and others who have the patience of saints, showing that what happens around us is actually a lot less important than our own response.

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