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By David Michie

Beginning the door to the middle teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, this consultant deals the private tale of 1 man's trip right into a extra religious and centred lifestyles via either philosophy and motion. After incorporating basic Buddhist practices into his everyday life, the writer now teaches others the way to comprehend the adaptation among transitority excitement and lasting success. His profound and easy feedback, akin to meditation and cultivating compassion, supply techniques for a heartfelt serenity that comes from connecting with our internal nature.

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There was the Hollywood heart-throb who wore corsets to conceal his pot-belly. The English lord who lived on a diet of cheese and champagne. The Parisian movie director who’d trained his English sheepdog to remove champagne corks with its teeth. A raconteur with a fund of the most outrageous stories, Marcy enjoyed an audience and was always fun to be with. Whenever she was passing through town, which happened at least twice a year, we’d get together. It was Marcy who had first told me the facts of Shakyamuni Buddha’s life.

The class was thrown into momentary confusion. Were we still supposed to be focusing on our breathing? Rinpoche seemed to be addressing a man in the second row. ) ‘My ankle’s getting sore,’ came the eventual embarrassed reply. ’ smiled Rinpoche. ’ Heads were now turning in the direction of the unfortunate foot-mover. ’ ‘Yes,’ the other faltered. ‘But it didn’t last. ’ Rinpoche clapped his hands. ’ There was laughter around the room at Rinpoche’s evident delight. ‘Thank you for being class leader in demonstrating the First Noble Truth, which is that the nature of reality, as you usually experience it—what we call samsara—is dissatisfaction.

If your family was anything like mine, there was, as they say in diplomatic circles, ‘a difference of opinion’. From time to time, to extend the metaphor, your taste in music may even have provoked ‘a free and frank exchange of views’! Surprisingly, a question that’s not often asked about this age-old problem is the simple one of why? Why is it that a sound so thrilling and liberating to one generation provokes such an utterly different reaction in another? They are the same sound waves, after all, striking physiologically identical receptors.

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