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By S. Evangelista

This book is the 1st complete learn of the reception of classical Greece between English aesthetic writers of the 19th century. by way of exploring this heritage of reception, the booklet goals to provide readers a brand new and fuller knowing of literary aestheticism, its highbrow contexts, and its demanding situations to mainstream Victorian tradition.

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In the cults of Demeter and Dionysus ancient worshippers embraced the experience of suffering and death, of literally Figure 3 Simeon Solomon, Bacchus (1867). com - licensed to University of South Florida - PalgraveConnect - 2010-03-12 Pater, ‘Winckelmann’, and the Aesthetic Life being taken underground like in the myth of Persephone, in order to sound the most hidden depths of the psychological knowledge of oneself and of the human condition in general, finding themselves staring into the unconscious, the inadmissible, and the tabooed.

7 When trying to assess Winckelmann’s reception in nineteenth-century Britain, we have to take into account the wide influence and the complex patterns of dissemination of his writings. Authors and scholars encountered Winckelmann’s theories not only in his own works (read in the original or in the French translation), but also in their endorsements in the works of Lessing, Goethe, Schiller, Hegel, and A. W. com - licensed to University of South Florida - PalgraveConnect - 2010-03-12 Winckelmann and the rise of modern Hellenism 27 and political situations.

I structure my analysis of their poetry along the two axes of Sapphic aestheticism and Bacchic aestheticism, represented respectively by their collections Long Ago (1889) and Underneath the Bough (1893). In the early 1890s Bradley and Cooper’s aestheticism became invested with a type of neo-paganism which auspicates a radical reform of Victorian cultural and social practices. com - licensed to University of South Florida - PalgraveConnect - 2010-03-12 20 British Aestheticism and Ancient Greece 21 Idols (1888), with their rejection of the Apollonian Hellenism promoted by Winckelmann in favour of irrationality, taboo, and the exploration of extreme states of consciousness.

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