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By F. Paul Wilson

Jack has been on hiatus because the occasions in Harbingers. together with his lover Gia's encouragement he dips a toe again into the fix-it pool. Christy Pickering's eighteen-year-old daughter is relationship Jerry Bethlehem, a guy two times her age. Christy sensed anything shady and sinister approximately him, so she employed a personal investigator to appear into his prior. however the PI isn't returning her calls. Will Jack discover why?

Jack learns there's a superb reason behind the unreturned calls: The PI is lifeless, a sufferer of a strange water-torture homicide. As Jack delves into Jerry Bethlehem's prior he learns that the fellow isn't really who he says he's. Who-and what-he is may have a devastating impact on Jack's lifestyles and destiny, including one other piece to the puzzle of who he quite is and why he's been drafted into this cosmic shadow warfare.

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I don't want to know. Just stop talking to me. This is crazy. I must be on very powerful drugs, and soon I'll wake up in the hospital, and everything will be back to normal. I made you up. What I'm going to do is ignore you and take a bath. Vampires and you are gone forever from my mind. " Lucian found himself laughing aloud. The sound startled him. He couldn't remember laughter. It felt good. He placed a palm on the bathroom door. He had endured nearly two thousand years of emptiness, of darkness and violence.

She intended to change that impression soon if he kept it up. A billionaire? Isn't that just a bit dramatic? What if someone asks you to prove it? I thought the idea was to keep a low profile. She was deliberately impudent, trying to hide the fact that she was happy he was so very real. Hiding out in the open is always the best way. And living for centuries gives one the ability to amass a fortune. It is relatively easy. The more money one has, the more one has the ability to hide his true identity.

What was Lucian? Could he have projected the image of a wolf? Barry shrugged. "I don't know what I'm saying. I only know I saw the damn thing. It was real. And it looked like the one in the warehouse. It was massive, well-fed. Not some stray dog, like the captain suggested. It had peculiar eyes. Very black, different than an animal's. They burned with menace, and I mean burned. " He shoved a hand through his hair. "I checked to see if a wolf could have escaped from a zoo or wildlife preserve, but no go, and no one else saw the thing.

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