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They use the fur to make coats, hats, and mittens. Some people hunt arctic foxes for money. They sell the fur to people who make clothing for cold weather. 36 Many factories release dirty gases into the air. These gases hurt the environment. Hunting isn’t the only way that people harm the arctic fox. They also harm the animal by hurting its environment. People drive cars that release gases. They run factories that release gases, too. 37 Gases put in the air affect the temperature of the arctic.

Here are some suggestions: What did this paragraph tell us? What does this picture show? What do you think we’ll learn about next? Where do arctic foxes live? What color is their fur? Could an arctic fox live in your backyard? Why or why not? What do arctic foxes eat? What is your favorite part of this book? Why? If the child has questions, don’t hesitate to respond with questions of your own, such as What do you think? Why? What is it that you don’t know? If the child can’t remember certain facts, turn to the index.

This hurts the arctic fox. Red foxes have moved into the same area that arctic foxes live in. Arctic foxes then have to fight red foxes for food. 39 Scientists want to help the arctic fox. They study the animal to learn more about it. This way, the scientists will know how to help it. These markings in the snow are arctic fox footprints. Scientists find arctic foxes by tracking the footprints back to the fox. 40 This scientist is studying the arctic fox. The fox was given a shot so it would stay still.

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