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Besides, we are heading to South Africa after Antarctica, and Jarle would feel responsible to get it back to him. He sends a gruff and angry Hank away with the box. indd 62 18/11/2005 14:52:45 A LITTLE TRAINING CRUISE Manuel turns to him. ’ he shrieks. ’ ‘If we had such a radio we would be more likely to use it,’ he explained. ‘And if they sent out rescue ships, they would send us the bill to charge us. ’ Manuel and I were repairing sails on the dock one day when an elderly Chilean tourist in a baseball cap wandered down to join us.

Eventually he recovered enough to steer while Jarle and I played chess on the way back to our anchorage. Jarle began bringing out his little videocamera on the first day of our training. He told us that he was making a little video chronicling his expedition, perfectly understandable for a boy who left Norway alone at 19 and now, a mere 21, appeared a seasoned, wild-haired sailor. A video would indeed chronicle his journey, not only from Norway to Antarctica but also from boy to man. It would be something he could show his family and friends.

Jarle didn’t adhere to rules and wouldn’t give a hoot about the Antarctic Treaty, which discussed issues such as dumping of waste – but I assured Hank that we would. Hank ducked through the hatch of his boat and brought out a handful of old clothes that he undoubtedly kept around to use as wax rags. He sniffed each article before he tossed it over to me, intimating that they had once been worn but not washed since: first, a nice, green Dutch Army sweater made of wool; then, three pairs of thin, green long johns; and then a couple of thin, green, long-sleeved, thermal undershirts.

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