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By Lama Thubten Yeshe, Nicholas Ribush, Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche

Like turning into the Compassion Buddha, this is often one other of Lama Yeshe's examinations of key Tantric deity practices within the Tibetan Buddhist culture. universal to all 4 traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, the perform of Vajrasattva is used to purify hindrances to non secular improvement, detrimental karma, and disease. Lama Yeshe, the inspirational instructor who strongly prompted the advance of Buddhism within the West, came upon that the perform of Vajrasattva introduced dramatic effects for his Western scholars. turning into Vajrasattva is a whole advisor to this purification perform, supplying guide at the technique, observation at the conventional texts, and perception into tantra. additionally integrated is a complete portion of entire retreat instructions—required analyzing for someone venture a meditation retreat within the Tibetan culture.

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I hope you understand what I mean. In conclusion, then, all buddhas show you the true path and true cessation, the Dharma that liberates you from samsara. They try to make you realize that what really benefits you is acting in accordance with the path. This means that you, not the buddhas, are ultimately responsible for your liberation. You have to understand this clearly. The Sangha of the three vehicles, including protectors such as Mahakala and Kalarupa, are your friends; they help you whenever they can.

Taking Refuge 29 With practice, you might be able to remain in this single-pointed concentration on nondual oneness for half an hour. When wrong conceptions begin to arise, leave this meditation and generate bodhichitta: I must become Heruka in order to lead all sentient beings to the sublime state ofHerukahood. THE THREE WAYS TO TAKE REFUGE There are three ways of taking refuge: outer, inner, and secret. Most people think that the surra, or Paramitayana, way of raking refuge is the only one. This is what we call outer refoge and is the method usually explained when teachings on refuge are given.

This way of taking refuge is the most difficult of all. You have to recogni2~ that your nervous system is pervaded by blissful daka-dakini energy instead of the usual ridiculous energy of gravitational attachment to sense pleasures, and you rake refuge in that. 30 The Main Commentary Here you are utilizing your nervous system's energy resources to generate simultaneously born great bliss, which you unify with the wisdom of nonduality, taking it as the blissful path to liberation. This experience is really what liberates you from dissatisfaction and dualistic thinking.

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