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By Gary W. Gallagher

In Becoming Confederates, Gary W. Gallagher explores loyalty within the period of the Civil conflict, concentrating on Robert E. Lee, Stephen Dodson Ramseur, and Jubal A. Early—three fashionable officials within the military of Northern Virginia who turned ardent accomplice nationalists. Loyalty was once confirmed and proved in lots of methods top as much as and through the conflict. taking a look at degrees of allegiance to their local nation, to the slaveholding South, to the USA, and to the Confederacy, Gallagher indicates how those males symbolize responses to the mid-nineteenth-century crisis.

Lee often has been awarded as a reluctant convert to the Confederacy whose strongest identity used to be together with his domestic nation of Virginia—an interpretation at odds along with his way more complicated variety of loyalties. Ramseur, the youngest of the 3, eagerly embraced a accomplice id, highlighting generational changes within the equation of loyalty. Early mixed components of Lee's and Ramseur's reactions—a Unionist who grudgingly approved Virginia's departure from the us yet later got here to personify defiant accomplice nationalism.

The paths of those males towards accomplice loyalty support delineate vital contours of yankee heritage. Gallagher exhibits that americans juggled a number of, frequently conflicting, loyalties and that white southern identification used to be preoccupied with racial regulate transcending politics and sophistication. certainly, figuring out those men's views makes it tricky to argue that the Confederacy shouldn't be deemed a kingdom. maybe most crucial, their studies aid us comprehend why Confederates waged a prodigiously bloody conflict and the style during which they handled defeat.

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