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By Piers Anthony

Whilst lifestyles appeared unnecessary to Norton, he authorised the placement because the Incarnation of Time, although it intended dwelling backward from current to prior. the opposite probably omnipotent incantations of Immortality—Death, destiny, warfare, and Nature—made him welcome. Even devil greeted him with presents. yet he quickly found that the presents have been crafty traps and he had develop into enmeshed in a fancy scheme of the Evil One to wreck all that was once good....

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This provides the citizens with as much of a spectacle as it does the visitors, and quite a few Houses dine on exotic fare, such as rocksnake steak, or tunnel worm stew, as a result of a hungry monster’s attack coupled with the presence of alert House servants or guards. The purpose of the event, however, is to encourage trade, and few drow get much sleep. Guards are always alert, shopkeepers keep their establishments always open for business, and House agents are always trying to meet with visiting merchants, to make deals.

46 The Bazaar Menzoberranzan mounts constant street patrols, consisting of a ‘hand’ (see below), accompanied by a wizard, and led by a priestess. In the Bazaar, where things can quickly get very wild indeed, patrols are larger. A typical Bazaar patrol, on duty at any given time (the Bazaar is always open), consists of three ‘open hands,’ or smaller, open-formation groups. Each group has 8-12 male fighters of 2nd level, armed with +1 long daggers and short swords, and long, black wooden staves with one end equipped with a metal ball, that can do 1d6 + 1 damage, and the other fitted with a snag-hook, for catching fleeing thieves.

He also knows good places to buy other gear and weapons, and to deal in gems. individual nobles, just “throwing their pride around”—and for another thing, the patrols (bolstered by occasional undercover surveillance by powerful Academy wizards, who usually want to do a little shopping themselves) were instituted to curtail rampant thievery. Moreover, whenever Bazaar patrols become smaller or fewer, thievery and drunken brawling (with attendant vandalism) rise sharply, and merchants complain—or resort to a tactic frowned on by the Council: hiring ever-larger numbers of guards (which the Council fears could grow into private armies).

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