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Baguazhang is related to be the sister of Tai Chi Chuan, the mum of the 3 inner structures. it's one of many most recent chinese language healing/martial arts of the interior process and comprises the superior of the Shaolin Martial arts in addition to some of the best of the Buddhism or Taoism battling arts.

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Jerk his left palm downward with your left palm turning your left foot outward. Take a step in to behind his left foot and raise his left arm up. This is because he would probably lift it up himself to defeat your pull down. PHOTO NO. 224. A138. Strike him in the groin with your right palm. PHOTO NO. 225. A139. You are now facing to the S. Drop down onto the floor taking your left foot forward throwing him over your back towards the S. using his groin as the lever and helping with his left wrist.

PHOTO NO. 207. A127. I then attack his groin with my right palm controlling his left with my left. PHOTO NO. 208. A128. He would probably take a step to the rear to evade the attack so I quickly follow up with a right step to behind his left leg and open my arms to throw him. PHOTO NO. 209. A129. Page 30 B A G UA Z H A N G T H E C O M P L E T E S Y S T E M V O L 2 BLOCKING A FIST BY ROTA T I N G THE ARMS: (Opposite) I take my left palm under my right to slip block and turn on my heels to face the S.

Take over the block with your right palm as you step to the N. with your left foot. Pull his right wrist down as you kick his right knee and strike his right temple. PHOTO NO. 218. Page 33 FIGHTING FORM D R A G O N S W I N G S TA I L , L I N K I N G M OV E M E N T : The same as the previous movements of the same name only in reverse. Kick around to the S, and slap the left foot with the left palm to end up facing the S. GOLDEN PHEASANT SHAKES ITS CRESTS: With left foot forward drop the right shoulder downward in a counter C/W circle.

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