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Атлантида, мир до потопа — книга американского политика Игнатиуса Лойолы Доннелли, опубликованная в 1882 году. Доннелли считал сообщения Платона об Атлантиде описанием действительно существовавшей цивилизации, и пытался доказать, что все прочие древние цивилизации Земли произошли от атлантической. Книга стала чрезвычайно популярной (только к 1890 г. было предпринято 23 издания[1], а к 1949 г. — 50) и легла в основу суждений об Атлантиде в трудах Джеймса Чёрчварда, использовалась в рассуждениях об Атлантиде Е. П. Блаватской и Р. Штейнера[2]. На рассуждения Доннелли об общности древних культур Старого и Нового света оказали влияние эксцентрические теории Ш. Э. Брассёр де Бурбура и О. Ле-Плонжона.

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MAP OF ATLANTIS, WITH ITS ISLANDS AND CONNECTING RIDGES, FROM DEEP-SEA SOUNDINGS And all these things recent investigation has proved conclusively. Deep-sea soundings have been made by ships of different nations; the United States ship Dolphin, the German frigate Gazelle, and the British ships Hydra, Porcupine, and Challenger have mapped out the bottom of the Atlantic, and the result is the revelation of a great elevation, reaching from a point on the coast of the British Islands southwardly to the coast of South America, at Cape Orange, thence southeastwardly to the coast of Africa, and thence southwardly to Tristan d'Acunha.

How did he come to hit upon the hot springs if he was drawing a picture from his imagination? It is a singular confirmation of his story that hot springs abound in the Azores, which are the surviving fragments of Atlantis; and an experience wider than that possessed by Plato has taught scientific men that hot springs are a common feature of regions subject to volcanic convulsions. " One has but to look at the profile of the "Dolphin's Ridge," as revealed by the deep-sea soundings of the Challenger, given as the frontispiece to this volume, to see that this is a faithful description of that precipitous elevation.

19 the island of "Thia" (the Divine) made its appearance. D. " In 1848 a volcanic convulsion of three months' duration created a great shoal; an earthquake destroyed many houses in Thera, and the sulphur and hydrogen issuing from the sea killed 50 persons and 1000 domestic animals. A recent examination of these islands shows that the whole mass of Santorin has sunk, since its projection from the sea, over 1200 feet. The fort and village of Sindree, on the eastern arm of the Indus, above Luckput, was submerged in 1819 by an earthquake, together with a tract of country 2000 square miles in extent.

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