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The growth of jobs defined as information or knowledge-intensive is deemed to lead to much greater individual autonomy and power in the workplace. Another borrowing here is the assertion that material issues (such as those pertaining to wealth and income) or the ‘politics of distribution’ are now much less salient compared to ‘the politics of representation’, or in extreme cases, compared to the ‘end of politics’ in the modern sense. Another echo comprises a set of presumptions about the decline (if not death) of larger-scale ‘modern’ social solidarities and integration mechanisms, and an increasing obsession with individual consumer(ist) or small discrete group identities or cultures.

14, no 4, pp. 323-328. Garnham, N. ” in R. ), Management of Information and Communication Technologies. Emerging patterns of control, ASLIB: London. Hacker F. & Van Dijk J. (2001), Digital Democracy: Issues of Theory and Practice, London, Sage. Heinderyckx F. (1998), L’Europe des médias, Brussels: Editions de l’Université. Henten A. & Kristensen T. M. 77-104. Henten A. ”, Calebrese A. ), Communication, citizenship, and social policy. Boulder: Rowmann & Littlefield. E. & Falch M. (1996), “European planning for an information society”.

Indeed, the Treaty establishing the European Community (part 3, title XVIII, art. 166, page 114) provides for the creation and funding of multi-annual research and development (R&D) initiatives, generally known as ‘framework programmes’. The Fifth Framework programme (FP5) covered the period 1998–2002 and the Sixth programme (FP6) will span the period 2002–2006. Considerable resources have been invested in the EU’s fourth and fifth framework R&D programmes since they commenced in the 1980s. 9% of the EU’s total budget, as indicated in Table 1.

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