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From morning to dead night, those fantastically illustrated courses invite readers to spend an afternoon with the animals and vegetation that inhabit the world's so much attention-grabbing environments.

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Out cold Before he snuggles down for a nap, this polar bear digs out a comfortable hollow in a soft snow bank. Looking on is a pair of foxes hoping to scavenge his leftover food. Having just made their way through a fierce Arctic snowstorm, a herd of migrating reindeer settles into the fresh snow for a much-needed snooze. The walruses in the middle of this cozy spoon-fashion group are adults. The ones at the ends, with smaller tusks, are youngsters. 45 From dawn to dusk Snowy owl Here ar he e some of t Raven es r u t a cre Arctic wolf Reindeer Arctic hare Arctic fox Ptarmigans Polar bear Wolverine Glossary Here are the meanings of some of the important words you will come across as you read about the Arctic and the animals that live there.

Occasionally—when starvation threatens—they go even further ... Polar bear s A hungry wolf sniffs shed antlers in hope of finding a shred of flesh to chew on. clea y tel of s e l wh k mp o h. c a s an le bones fle d s blub ll a e w ber as st n— ri p n i 42 Washed up on an Arctic beach, the carcass of a bowhead whale attracts scavenging polar bears. Although we think of seals as their main food, some experts believe that up to ten percent of their diet is made of whale meat. Scavenging means eating dead animals or human garbage.

Mammal A warm-blooded animal that drinks its mother’s milk when it’s a baby. Breed To produce babies. Burrow A hole in the ground where an animal lives. Lemmings live in burrows. Carcass The dead body of an animal. Colony A group of animals that live together. Arctic terns and guillemots live in colonies. 46 Herd A large group of animals such as caribou that live and travel together. Hooves The curved, horny feet on some animals. Reindeer and musk oxen have hooves. Ice Water that gets so cold it freezes solid.

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