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Contemporary French Cultural Studies

This stimulating ebook is an creation to the complete variety of latest French tradition. Written through a bunch of top lecturers either inside and outdoors France, every one bankruptcy makes a speciality of an issue from the French cultural scene this day. beginning with an outline of assets for extra info (both in print and online), modern French Cultural experiences discusses the numerous kind of French cultural expression and appears severely at what "Frenchness" itself skill.

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The evidence against him later proved to be irrelevant or forged, but he was courtmartialled and sentenced to deportation. The army long refused to reconsider the case, despite evidence pointing to another officer. But a passionate campaign for revision of the verdict, during which the novelist Emile Zola published his famous article 'J'accuse', led to Dreyfus's re-trial in 1899. When the army once more found him 'guilty with extenuating circumstances', the outcry was so great that the President offered him a pardon, which he accepted, to prevent further unrest.

The 1930s depression and the Occupation of 1940-44, when it was an advantage to live in the countryside, slowed down the move to the towns, but it took off dramatically after 1945, as peasant-farmers and their relations left the land. Today, although French farmers are still a noticeably vociferous pressure group, less than 6 or 7 per cent of the population depend on farming for a living. Agriculture is no longer the self-sufficient way of life it remained as recently as the 1950s, but is now an important and subsidized export sector of the French economy, linked to intensive food manufacture.

Meritocratic access to higher education was in theory open to all, but in practice before about 1945 it favoured boys (and a few girls) from well-off families. It produced several remarkable generations of gifted, well-trained and often world-famous philosophers, scientists and thinkers, whose exposure to the tormented politics of the century's first fifty or so years explained their engagement or 'commitment'. Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Simone Weil and Simone de Beauvoir all belonged to one of these generations.

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