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By Mira Grant

A brand new brief tale from Mira supply, the writer of Feed. a week 5 acquaintances celebration to play a game-- a video game they name the Apocalypse video game. It's a enjoyable time with chips and beer and plotting the tip of the realm. other than this time, one in all them is lacking and the stakes are better than ever before.

Word count number: ~3,900

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It wasn’t like him to miss. Anger rushed through her like a tidal wave. Her head buzzed, filled with something alien. Jeez, how hard had she whacked her head? Thwip. She didn’t usually have this much trouble maintaining mental quietude. She hung her head and concentrated on mastering her breathing. Well, whatever the hell had happened at the construction site, she wasn’t dead. And neither was the demon or whatever it was. Because if Jaise and the rest of the B-Ops patrol had cleaned up after her and taken care of the demon, she wouldn’t be here.

It really did take her for a fool, because any idiot could see she was in over her head. About a thousand miles over, she’d say. The thing, the demon, super-vamp, mutant werewolf—whatever the F it was, it wasn’t an idiot. It knew as well as she that the sensible thing for her to do was sprint for the apparent safety of the street and run like hell. She reconsidered her options. Glock in hand, she found her balance, gathered her legs under her and sprang straight toward it, yelling like some kind of demented banshee.

She looked like hell. Her right shoulder was bloody, her shirt a tattered mess, and her hair, which she’d let grow after keeping it so sensibly short while she was in the Academy, was singed off level with her chin. All in all, she’d prefer to be blond. But the maintenance struck her as too much trouble, and besides, she couldn’t afford a salon on her salary, so brown her hair stayed. Her eyes were still brown, and she was still shorter than she wanted to be. Oh, well. The bright side to her personal disorder was that instead of lying dead in the dirt, where, no doubt, Los Cazadores would have retrieved her body and sold it to some werewolf desperate for black-market human meat, she was alive in a painfully white bathroom someplace else.

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