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R. We, therefore,concludedthat PT adaptedthe version preservedin Gen. But the text in PT in formulationis a reworkingand developmentof the versionin Gen. R. If Gen. 's y. originatesat the same time as PT, its y. Thus the presentstudysupportsLieberman'scontentionthat the PT (less Neziqin) in form constitutesa reworkedversion of the materials and that other, less reworkedand thus phenomenologicallyearlierversions could have circulated. The manner in whichSamuel'straditionis reworkedto fit what we describedas a Palestinian perspective-vis-a-vis a Babylonianone-accords with Lieberman's view that the editors of PT reworkedthe text of PT to excludeBabylonian interpretationsof Mishnah and to place material within a Palestinian Y.

R. 4 makes up one such text. Scholars discuss the meaning of this word and the nature of passages so annotated. The sections generally constitute sugyot which are found in full elsewhere, either in that work or in a different work, but only in part in the place so annotated. 58 Lieberman believes the term means "abbreviated," and that scribes abbreviated the text, so noted it, and indicated that one can find it in full in another place. 60 Rosenthal, in an examination of Vat. 30 to Gen. , on the other hand, believes that the term constitutes a note added by "later editors" of the text to indicate that a relevant pericope in extenso appears elsewhere.

42. The correspondence between the Patriarch and the Cairenes concerning this matter, from which the passage quoted above was taken, has been preserved in the History of the Patriarchs of the Egyptian Church(3': 11-32). This is thanks to the happy coincidence that the compiler of Macarius's vita, John Ibn Sa'id al-Qulzumi, was also the scribe who wrote the epistles on behalf of the Cairenes and received (and preserved) the Patriarch's replies. Together, these letters provide a fascinating glimpse of inner church politics, one which is thoroughly reminiscent of the quarrels depicted in so many Geniza letters.

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