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By Padmasambhava, Marcia Binder Schmidt, Erik Pema Kunsang

Padmasambhava is the first grasp of Vajrayana, the lessons for our time. Out of his nice compassion and knowledge, he urged his major disciple Yeshe Tsogyal to hide terma treasures to be printed on the destined time for destiny practitioners. The profundity of this recommendation is intended to be in my opinion utilized via all participants in all situations. Advice from the Lotus Born is a vintage paintings which incorporates legitimate fact for someone who in actual fact desires to keep on with a religious direction.

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If you claim that perceptions are mind, you stray into being a Mind Only follower. If you believe that the world and beings are deities, you stray into Mantra. What is the use of meditation practice without knowing how to cut through these strayings! Well, please give me the method of how to cut through going astray, she asked. The master replied: Tsogyal, if you want to avoid going astray in these ways, first gain extensive learning; next, concentrate on the pointing-out instruction; and finally, when applying it in practice, understand the above-mentioned ways of straying are nothing other than clinging and attachment to the meditation state.

In her following life she will meet this terma treasure containing the oral instructions of the Heart Essence. As it will be the time for practice there will not be any activity for the benefit of beings. This person6 will live for 59 years. He will have various positive and negative karmic connections. Some of his disciples will go to the Blissful Realm, while some will take rebirth in the lower realms. This demonstrates the consequence of deftled samayas and it is possible he will die at the age of fifty.

Tsogyal, if you want to avoid going astray in this way, follow the correct way of conduct as described in the scriptures! Second, regarding the general straying of conduct, you may temporarily fabricate a mode of behavior but that is not in accord with the Dharma. If it doesn't become the path of enlightenment it is called hypocrisy and constitutes a straying of conduct. 54 ADVICE FROM THE LOTUS-BORNI Tsogyal, if you want to avoid going astray concerning conduct in general, make sure that whatever behavior you follow becomes the path of enlightenment!

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