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Dzong-ka-ba's The Essence of Eloquence continues to be thought of so very important to Tibetan Buddhists that the Dalai Lama retains a duplicate with him anyplace he is going. This ebook examines many desirable issues raised in six centuries of Tibetan and Mongolian observation about the first sections of this article: the Prologue, and the part at the Mind-Only college. via supplying shiny element, Jeffrey Hopkins unearths the liveliness of Tibetan scholastic controversies, exhibiting the dynamism of considerate remark and stimulating the reader's metaphysical mind's eye. within the technique of studying a hundred and seventy concerns, this quantity treats many enticing issues on nice motor vehicle shows of the 3 natures and the 3 non-natures, together with the right way to follow those to all phenomena, the selflessness of folks, and the vacancy of vacancy. It concludes with a delineation of the ways in which the Mind-Only institution translates scriptures.

This stand-alone publication is the ultimate quantity of a trilogy on Mind-Only that Hopkins composed over a interval of 22 years. His seriously annotated translation of the 1st sections of Dzong-ka-ba's textual content is inside the first quantity, Emptiness within the Mind-Only tuition of Buddhism, in addition to a ancient and doctrinal advent, a close synopsis of the textual content, and a severe variation. the second one quantity, Reflections on truth: the 3 Natures and Non-Natures within the Mind-Only School, presents ancient and social context, a uncomplicated presentation of the 3 natures, the 2 different types of vacancy within the Mind-Only tuition, and the contrasting perspectives of Dol-bo-ba Shay-rap-gyel-tsen of the Jo-nang-ba order of Tibetan Buddhism.

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The operative principle is that the title of ‚zong-ka-œa’s work is based on its subject matter. e Ëo-ni Paò‟ita, agreeing with Gung-tang (though not citing him), says that the title of ‚zong-ka-œa’s text was given by way of its subject matter, and hence a rough sense of the content can be gained from the title. Issue #2: Is emptiness the essence of both SÒtra and Mantra? Since Buddha’s teachings are divided into SÒtra and Mantra (also called Tantra), Gung-tang explores whether ‚zong-ka-œa intends to include both divisions of Buddha’s word when he says that emptiness is the essence of Buddha’s teachings.

Gung-tang’s analysis is valuable since ‚zong-ka-œa does not offer a direct explanation of his title„Treatise Differentiating Interpretable and Definitive Meanings: The Essence of Eloquence. First, Gung-tang 3 points out that in another of ‚zong-ka-œa’s texts, Praise of the Supramundane Victor Buddha from the Approach of His Teaching the Profound Dependent-Arising which is also titled The Essence of Eloquence (sometimes referred to as ‚The Lesser Essence of Eloquence‛),4 ‚zong-ka-œa explicitly speaks of emptiness as the essence of Buddha’s teaching.

In early twentieth century) Notes / Notes on (‚zong-ka-œa’s) ‚Differentiating the Interpretable and the Definitive‛: Lamp Illuminating the Profound Meaning Ío-sang-Ûang-chuk (1901-1979) Notes / Notes on (‚zong-ka-œa’s) ‚Interpretable and Definitive, The Essence of Eloquence‛: Lamp for the Intelligent ‚a-drin-rap-«en (1920-1986) Annotations / Annotations for the Difficult Points of (‚zong-ka-œa’s) ‚The Essence of Eloquence‛: Festival for the Unbiased Endowed with Clear Intelligence Ío-Ôel-Èing and ðhar-«zay Colleges Paò-chen ðö-nam-drak-œa (1478-1554) Garland of Blue Lotuses / Distinguishing through Objections and Answers (‚zong-ka-œa’s) ‚Differentiating the Interpretable and Definitive Meanings of All the Scriptures, The Essence of Eloquence‛: Garland of Blue Lotuses Go-mang and ‚ra-Ôhi-kyil Colleges Gung-ru Chö-jung (Gung-ru Chö-»yi-jung-½ay, fl.

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