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By Peter Haining

A PICTORIAL historical past OF HORROR tales:
Two Hundred Years of Illustrations from the Pulp Magazines

This booklet is largely a page-for-page reprint of Haining's prior booklet entitled "Terror: A heritage of Horror Illustrations from Pulp Magazines." there isn't any new fabric. the one distinction is it's a hardback with diverse disguise artwork. whereas it's particularly thorough in visually documenting the evolution of horror representation from the "penny-dreadful" magazines of the Victorian age in the course of the pulps of the '30s and '40s, it has a big shortcoming -- many of the luridly colourful pulp journal disguise photos are reproduced in B&W. That makes for a really monotonous learn. nowadays, more recent books in regards to the pulps constantly reproduce the covers in excellent colour. Why they didn't see healthy to do this within the '70s and and '80s is a secret and a disgrace. anyone must revisit the topic of horror pulps and do it right.

4to, modern illus bds with lurid photo of monster attacking a dozing lady, 176pp. Lavishly illus in color and in B&W. Many artists are represented: Mary Byfield, Henry Anelay, John Gilbert, Sidney Paget, Margaret Brundage, and so on. those illustrations are regularly fascinating.

A dinner party of nightmares in photographs, rescued from the crumbling pages of lengthy lifeless periodicals. levels over 2 hundred years of gory, ghoulish and terrifying from the 1st Gothic engravings of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to that wealthy and sundry treasure residence of horror illustrations

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