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Within the entire of the Tibetan Buddhist culture, there isn't any unmarried treatise extra deeply respected or broadly practiced than A consultant to the Bodhisattva means of Life. Composed within the 8th century by means of the Indian Bodhisattva Santideva, it grew to become an rapid vintage within the curricula of the Buddhist monastic universities of India, and its renown has grown ever considering that. Santideva offers how you can harmonize one's existence with the Bodhisattva perfect and evokes the reader to domesticate the perfections of the Bodhisattva: generosity, ethics, endurance, zeal, meditative focus, and knowledge.

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19. Just as those standing in the midst of boisterous people care­ fully guard their wounds, so those standing in the midst of evil people should always guard the wounds of their minds. 90. Tibetan: "Malicious people, as [unending] as space, cannot possibly be over­ come. " This and the next two verses concern the perfection of patience. 91. " 92. " 93. According to the Panjika, p. 55, one should control the mind with mindfulness (sm rti) and guard it with introspection (sam prajanya) . 50 A GUID E TO THE BODHISATTVA WAY OF LIFE 20.

73. " 74. " 75. " A T T E N D IN G TO THE SPIRIT OF A W A K E N IN G 43 35. How can I be happy if the guardians of the prison of the cycle of existence, these murderers and slaughterers in hells and the like, remain in the cage of greed within the dwelling of my heart? 36. Therefore, as long as these enemies are not destroyed before my eyes, I shall not forsake my task. Those lofty with pride, who are enraged at someone who gives them even a minor insult, will not sleep until they kill him. 37.

In brief, this alone is the definition of introspection: the repeated examination of the state of one's body and mind. 109. I shall practice it with my body. What is the use of merely read­ ing the words? Will a sick person have any benefit merely by reading about medical treatments? 130. " 131. According to Thub bstan chos kyi grags pa, s P y o d 'j u g g i 'grel bshad rgya l sras yon tan bu m b za n g (mTsho sngon: Krun go'i bod kyi shes rig dpe skrun khang, 1991), p. 318, this refers to the Siksasam uccaya composed by Nagarjuna.

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