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By Peggy Kamuf

This can be the single to be had selection of Jacques Derrida's contributions to philosophy, awarded with a entire advent. From Speech and Phenomena to the hugely influential "Signature occasion Context," every one excerpt contains an outline and short precis.

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2. " 3. By the same token, it is supposed that in communication, where the same words, the same expressive cores are at work, where, consequently, pure idealities are indispensable, a rigorous distinction can be drawn between the fictitious and the effective 16 DIFFERANCE AT THE ORIGIN and between the ideal and the real. It is consequently supposed that effectiveness comes like an empirical and exterior cloak to expression, like a body to a soul. And these are indeed the notions Husserl uses, even when he stresses the unity of the body and soul in intentional animation.

If only in order to be able to point to the ways in which it is constantly overrun. Consider, for example, the fact that the Mallarme text, Mimique, which is featured in "The Double Session" may be read as concerning the mime drama of a jealous husband's murderous revenge for his wife's infidelity. This would be the mime's "subject," but one that, as Derrida is concerned to show, is constantly retreating from the stage of the present behind a series xi Introduction of textual veils or folds. Its presence is absolutely held in reserve, which is to say, it is always already past.

He refers back to his introduction to The Origin of Geometry where he demonstrated that this concession to inscription remains tied to everything said here about voice because Husserl supposes the concept of phonetic writ- Speech and Phenomena 19 ing. Writing would thus, according to Husserl, serve "to fix, inscribe, record, and incarnate an already prepared utterance. To reactivate writing is always to reawaken an expression in an indication, a word in the body of a letter. "] In order really to understand where the power of the voice lies, and how metaphysics, philosophy, and the determination of being as presence constitute the epoch of the voice as technical mastery of objective being, to understand properly the unity of techne and phone, we must think through the objectivity of the object.

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