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By Thinley Norbu

Like a spontaneous cascade of knowledge nectar, the open and traditional phrases of Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, simple by way of scholarly elaboration, circulation the following within the culture of the direct transmissions of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the earlier. via observation at the initial Practices (Ngöndrö) prayer from the treasure textual content of the nice grasp Tragtung Düdjom Lingpa, insights into many primary practices emerge in an effort to deepen realizing of the rules of Vajrayana Buddhism. additionally integrated within the publication is a statement at the Tsok Khang Dechen (Assembly Palace of serious Exaltation), the foundation textual content prayer of the second one Kyabje Düdjom Rinpoche, Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje.

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Like a bed, one is there relaxing. In unobstructed space, whatever comes, just as it arises, there is nothing exact, not any reality. In summary, the outer container of the universe and the inner essence of sentient beings, all states of happiness and suffering, and so on that depend on the interdependent connection between root circumstances and contributing circumstances are rooted in the mind of duality, which creates everything. Since that is so, if one wonders where this mind of duality originates, it is as said in The Prayer of Great Strength:12 Simultaneously born ignorance Is the dispersion of mindless unawareness.

The cause from which delusion occurs is ignorance. Ignorance is the essence of stupidity, coming from the circumstance of the lack of recognition of awareness. From that, the way in which the phenomena of samsara are established is explained according to the traditions of Buddhism, such as the Vaibhashika,14 Sautrantika,15 Yogachara,16 and so on, each of which has its own beliefs about the way in which outer and inner phenomena are established as material or immaterial.

They only depend on the arising of contributing circumstances. So, when the passions and karma And their suffering are all transcended, Including one’s own skandhas without anything remaining, Then one attains the space of enlightenment. Thus, that is the Buddhist belief. Thus Rongzompa said. In each eternalist religion, a supreme god is almost always considered to be the ultimate source of truth. There is always some uncertainty about eternalist beliefs, however, and it cannot be decided that any eternalist doctrine is definite or surely true.

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