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By Tony Spollen

Originally written for his grown-up kids, Tony Spollen now stocks his 50 nice classes FROM lifestyles with a much wider audience.Simple, heartfelt, born of experience—these classes ring real for everybody in any stroll of life.Some you recognize already; others can be new—or will shock you with a brand new twist on anything you took with no consideration. a few are aspirational, a few are fanciful, a few are uncomplicated and in general, they're one dimension matches all—but, specifically, they're undying recommendation, universally applicable.Be profitable. Be fit. feel free. learn. get pleasure from.

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27 Look and act the part You often see the TV cameras zoom in on a President or a Prime Minister as they come down the steps of the plane, or cross the room, or move to the lectern. You see someone who moves calmly in a well-cut dark suit and an immaculate white shirt. There is no sense of rush. There is a feeling of time, space and self-confidence. They look the part and they act the part. They expect things to run smoothly. Learn from these senior people. Because, each day, you market yourself.

Having enjoyed a great day, he decided to slow down. When you create space and take time to smell the roses, you feel the magic of the moment. This is your life, and it is a good life. 15 Forgive all Most people whom we meet are kind and helpful. Only a few have been unkind and unhelpful. Forgive them! It is over! Don’t let anger and hurt stay in your system. Let them go. Be kind to those who you forgive. Once you forgive, your health will improve. Don’t harbour any bad feelings or grudges. They make you old.

His flight had been delayed. He was irritated and made a noisy entrance, complaining about “that inefficient airline”. Those attending the dinner were used to private jets and chauffeur-driven cars. This show of insecurity was unnecessary. A more secure man would have said, “I am sorry for being late” and left it at that. Loud and argumentative people are often very insecure. They crave recognition and need to feel important. You can be certain that, at any function, whether business or social or whatever, everyone is insecure.

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